At the heart of everything I do is a desire to create beautiful stationery that you can’t wait to share.

My Work

Sarah & Maude is a little letterpress studio producing sweet and stylish stationery. My designs are a happy blend of new and old: a whimsical modern aesthetic and a love of traditional printmaking. All of my work is proudly designed and printed in my Oxfordshire studio, with the help of my antique print press, Maude.

My wedding stationery is designed and letterpress printed to reflect the style and theme of your special day, turning a humble save the date or invite into a luxurious keepsake to be treasured for years to come.

In addition to weddings, I’m happy to offer bespoke printing for a wide range of projects, bringing that tactile letterpress touch to everything from business stationery to baby shower invites.

And, from smiling cats, to bears wearing hats, my ever-expanding range of happy paper goods includes greeting cards and gift tags for any occasion, and is stocked in a number of lovely brick and mortar retail shops across the UK.

My Process

Letterpress is a centuries old relief printing technique in which an inked, raised design is pressed into paper using a printing press.

Each piece of stationery is printed one at a time, and each colour printed separately. Inks are mixed by hand, the press powered by foot, and each piece of paper fed into the press by hand, resulting in truly authentic handcrafted stationery.

Letterpress printing is a slow process that requires meticulous attention to detail, but feeling the impression left behind where paper met press is always worth the wait.

The Team



My love of letterpress began as a design student almost 20 years ago and I’m happiest when stood at the press with my fingers covered in ink. There’s just something about the process of seeing a design come to life on paper, using a traditional hands-on craft, that’s incredibly satisfying, and a little bit magical.



At over 100 years of age, Maude brings a certain ‘maturity’ to the studio. This 300kg cast iron beauty is a Golding Pearl Improved #11 print press, originally manufactured in Franklin Massachusetts (the stories I wish she could tell!). She may be old (and a little temperamental at times) but she’s an absolute workhorse.



Small in size but still packing a punch, Millie is an Adana HS2 tabletop press and great for small projects and print demonstrations. She’s currently undergoing a bit of a makeover, and will hopefully be back up and running very soon!



And last, but certainly not least, there's Florence, the adorable studio puppy! She's a big fan of snuggles and peanut butter biscuits, and she likes to keep a keen eye on quality control… when she’s not busy snoozing.


Whether you're a newly-engaged couple dreaming of letterpress wedding stationery or a designer/maker longing for luxurious business cards (or anything in between), I’d love to hear from you.

Drop me a line at hello{at}sarahandmaude.com