brand discovery survey

 Just a few questions to guide your rebrand. 
Once you're happy with your answers hit "Submit" and we can get started on your new brand!

What is the meaning behind the name?
What product or service do you offer to your customers?
These are the words that should come to mind when a customer comes into contact with your brand.
Why do your customers love working with you?
This helps to create a brand that stands out from your competitors, and avoids looking similar.
Do you have an area of expertise? Or offer specialised services?
How do they look? How do they make you feel?
What are you hoping to accomplish with your new branding?
For example: “Sarah & Maude”, with “A Design and Letterpress Studio” underneath.
If so, would you like to possibly include it in your logo?
Perhaps a font or a colour?
If you have, share a link to your board here.
Products, packaging, online / social media, printed materials?