Established in 2012, Sarah & Maude is a design and letterpress studio, located on the windswept north east coast of England.

The studio began with a dream to combine my design background with my passion for all things handcrafted. As a result, in addition to offering design services that cover everything from logos to websites, I also offer bespoke design and letterpress printing services for business, wedding and special event stationery.

I launched my line of hand-printed paper goods with a single design from my kitchen table. Several years later, that original design is not only still in print, it’s a bestseller, and my product line continues to grow, selling to customers around the world through my online shops and with retailers throughout the UK.

All paper goods and bespoke stationery are designed and lovingly letterpress printed one at a time in my small (but perfectly formed) home studio, with the help of my antique print press – a 700lb cast iron beauty affectionately known as Maude.

At Sarah & Maude the beauty really is in the details. Every piece that leaves the studio is carefully designed, printed, folded, and trimmed with a meticulous attention to detail and nothing less than a perfect finish.


We're a team! In the early days my products were gocco screen-printed, but that all changed in
2014 when Maude, my antique print press, arrived in the studio. She may be over 100 years old
but Maude is a true workhorse when it comes to printing my designs, so it seemed only fair
to share the love with her when it came to naming the studio.



I design and print stationery that I'd like to buy and love to give and I'm happiest when my fingers are covered in ink (especially if it's neon pink!) My designs are full of whimsy, laden with heart, and born out of a deep love for bright colour, clean designs, and the art of traditional printmaking. I love stripes, tasty cocoa (often accompanied by a big slice of cake), and day trips to the seaside.


My (inanimate) partner in crime brings a certain level of ‘maturity’ to the studio. Dating back to 1912, Maude is a Golding Pearl Improved #11 antique print press. Originally manufactured in Franklin Massachusetts, at some point she made an epic journey across the Atlantic, now taking centre stage in the Sarah & Maude studio.




Small in size but still packing a punch, Millie is something of a little sister to Maude. An Adana HS2 tabletop press, she’s currently undergoing a bit of a makeover, and will hopefully be back up and running very soon!



Let me introduce Willow, our resident studio puppy! She's a big fan of snuggles and peanut butter biscuits, and when she’s not snoozing, she likes to keep a keen eye on quality control.

Do you have a project in mind? Let's work together!

Whether you're a bride-to-be looking for wedding stationery or a small business looking for a logo
(or anything in between), I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line at hello{at}
to say hello or request a design or print fact sheet!